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Facial Contouring

Would you like to improve your facial contours?

There are now a number of ways to improve the contours around the face. One of the most popular is to have a dermal filler injection. Restylane is one of the most popular and well tolerated fillers and the preferred filler used by Dr Piper.

Skilful use of natural fillers can remove unwanted, deeper lines and wrinkles which can improve an individual’s appearance and lessen deep facial contours. Professional use of Restylane can enhance facial features after fatty tissue loss, and can deliver more sculpted facial contours in the cheek bone and chin areas.

Restylane is a dermal filler which is used to fill out lines and wrinkles – it is made from non-animal, natural sources – which means there is low risk of an allergic reaction.

The filler is applied under the skin with a series of injections. Treatment time depends on the area to be treated and many people go straight back to daily life immediately afterwards. There may however be some slight bruising or redness which should disappear within a few days. Repeat treatments are needed every six to nine months to maintain the appearance.

This treatment would be carried out by Dr Piper, who is a Member of the Association of Cosmetic Doctors and has been a GP for over 28 years . All patients receive an initial consultation to both assess suitability for treatment and to discuss the appropriate treatment, the procedure and realistic results.

To book a Cosmetic Consultation please ring 0116 2700373 or contact us by email and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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